Give us a call or message us if you have any questions regarding a custom package and pricing if none of the below fit your criteria.

(*Protection length may vary depending on upkeep of vehicle condition.)

Interior Detail: The interior of your car is the most important area to keep clean; not only for your health, but also comfort! Let us bring back that clean feel to your vehicle. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Starting Prices (May depend on severity)

(Coupes, Sedans, Sm Trucks) : $75

(SUVs, Full-Size Trucks, Minivans) : $100

  • Dash, console, and panels deep cleaned with steam and cleaners (gunk in all nooks and crannies)

  • Door seals cleaned and wiped down

  • Vent openings cleaned and steamed

  • Seats, carpets, and mats thoroughly vacuumed

  • Light stains are spot treated

  • Cloth seats and carpet steam cleaned

  • Leather seats cleaned/conditioned

  • Headliner lightly spot cleaned

  • Protection applied to all plastics/vinyl

  • Glass cleaned on inside

(Pet hair may require an additional charge.)

(Heavy trash removal will require additional charge.)

(Full shampoo extraction will require additional charge.)

(Excess clutter/filth/muddiness may require additional charge.)

Exterior Detail: Need your car exterior deep cleaned as well? We got you covered! Let us get those bug guts, mud, and grime off your wonderful paint job and wheels. Ride again in style!

Starting Prices (May depend on severity)

(Coupes, Sedans, Sm Trucks): $50

(SUVs, Full-Size Trucks, Minivans): $60

  • Hand wash full exterior

  • Bugs and gunk cleaned (heavy tree sap/tar may require additional cost)

  • Door jams scrubbed and rinsed

  • Wheel wells

  • Wheels inside and out

  • Tires cleaned and dressed

  • Glass cleaned on outside

  • Spray wax on full exterior for approx. 1-month protection

Maintenance Detail: Just need a quick clean inside and out on your vehicle and a budget-friendly option? We offer that, too! Your car exterior will be washed down and the inside wiped down and vacuumed out. This leans more towards those that have received our other services or keep their ride fairly clean.

Starting Prices

(Coupes, Sedans, Sm Trucks) : $60

(SUVs, Full-Size Trucks, Minivans) : $70

  • Wash exterior with a wash/wax soap

  • Wheels and tires cleaned

  • Door jams spray out

  • Wheel wells spray out

  • Glass cleaned inside and out

  • Quick vacuum of carpet and seats

  • Mats vacuumed and/or cleaned off

  • Panels and console wiped down

(Excess filth/muddiness may require additional charge.)

Additional Add-ons/Options: Need additional service performed? Don't worry, we have you covered! See below for our estimated prices.


  • Wax Sealant: $20

(up to 6+ months of protection depending on vehicle upkeep)

  • Engine Bay Clean+Dress: $20

  • Headlight Restoration: $30 ea

  • Trim Restoration: $30

  • Clay Bar: $20

  • 1-step Polish: Starting at $150


  • Seat Shampoo/Extraction: $30+ (depending on severity)

  • Carpet Shampoo/Extraction: $30+ (depending on area)

  • Pet Hair Removal: $20

  • Excess Clutter/Dirt: $20+ (depends on severity)

  • Heavy Trash Removal: $20

ATV/UTV Detail: This package included a spray foam and hand wash to any painted panels or interior, wheel and tire clean, interior clean if applicable. Plastic surfaces will be coated or dressed for added protection against the elements.

Starting at $75

Boat Detail: Prices may vary depending on size of the boat.

Wash & Wax Detail boats under 40ft:

Center Consoles | Bay Boats | Dual Consoles

Starting Price: $20/ft

  • Wash

  • Non-Skid Cleaning

  • Vinyl Seat Cleaning

  • Compartment Cleaning

  • Mold/Mildew Removal (if needed)

  • Hull Cleaning (removing orange stain)

  • Engine Cleaning (grease, grime, dirt)

  • Waxing below Rub Rail

  • Top Side Wax

Oxidation Removal for Boats under 40ft

Center Consoles | Bay Boats | Dual Consoles

Rub Rail Down: $15/ft per step

Top Side Only: $15/ft per step

Ceramic Coating for Boats under 40ft

Center Consoles | Bay Boats | Dual Consoles

Exterior from Rub Rail and down: $35/ft

Interior: $35/ft

Camper/RV Detail: Keep your RV looking right for your next road trip! Not only does it keep it looking good, but it is also a good idea to keep your home-away-from-home clean and protected!

Exterior Wash: Starting at $5/ft

Cleaner Wax: $7/ft

Roof Cleaning: $30

Ceramic Coating: $150 + $30/ft

Interior Cleaning: Starting at $200